Terms & conditions

Please take your time to read well the terms and conditions of Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacations offered services. Confirming a tour or safari with us assumes that you fully understand and accept our terms and conditions here below.

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These terms and conditions shall always govern the contract between the individual(s) purchasing the travel services (hereafter “the client(s)”) and Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacation (hereafter “the company”) to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions, save for those implied by law. No variation to these terms and conditions shall be valid unless given in writing and signed by the client and the company director.

All information detailed in client itineraries is given to the best of Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacation’s knowledge and based on the latest information available. Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacation cannot be liable for modified information from third parties, nor for any obvious typing errors.


Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation Provides accommodation bookings, transportation, meals, excursions and other services in cooperation with other suppliers.

The person or head of group’ who signifies his/her acceptance of a booking does so on behalf of persons under his/her authority, which means that all group members are equally bound by these terms and conditions.

To reserve flights and gorilla permits we need: your full names as they appear in passport, your nationality and passport number.


All offers, estimations or quotations provided by or bookings made with the company are subject to these terms.


To secure a booking, a non-refundable deposit is required which shall be the sum of 30% of the AGREED package costs, plus the full amount for the gorilla permits, the chimpanzee permits, and all air tickets (if needed) for each person in the group.


-All tours will be booked and confirmed only upon receipt of a 30% deposit of the basic program rate. For gorilla permits, a full advance payment of the permit fee is required in order to make the reservation.

– The payment balance is due no later than 45 days prior to the safari, unless agreed otherwise.

– Bookings made within 45 days before arrival must be paid in full at the time of confirmation.

– If payment is not received in accordance with the above, Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation has the right to cancel the booking.

– Payment can be made by VISA credit card, bank transfer or cash, before the start of the safari. Note that payments by VISA credit card will attract a 5% service charge. Credit card transactions must be made at least two months prior to the start of your safari. Regretfully, traveller cheques are no longer accepted.

– The costs of international transactions (or 5% service charge in case of credit card payments) are to be fully paid by the client.


The company reserves the right to cancel the event or any part of it for any of the following reasons:

– If the company or its supplier(s) regard adverse weather conditions or other safety concerns as unacceptable and which cannot reasonably be overcome.

– If the company reasonably believes that you may cause harm or damage to its reputation or to the reputation of its suppliers or to property belonging to its suppliers.

– If a company supplier or suppliers is/are unable to host the event for any reason.

– If changes you wish to make to the booking mean it is uneconomical or impractical to hold the event.

Should the company cancel an event, it shall be rescheduled for a mutually convenient date, or a refund shall be provided to the client.

Save as above, the company shall be under no further liability to the client for cancellation of the event or any part of it. If, due to reasons beyond our control, an event is unable to take place due (but not limited) to the closure of premises, the ceasing of trading, or a change in supplier’s management, the company will provide the client with an alternative event and if this does not prove possible, shall refund the cost of the event.


The cancellation of a booking by the client must be made in writing and signed, for groups the group head must sign. The amount of the cancellation fee is calculated according to the date on which the company receives written cancellation notice:

– Between 60 days or more before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 20% charge.

– 59 to 30 days before the arrival date, the cancellation charge is 35%.

– 29 to 8 days before the departure date, the cancellation charge is 75% of the total cost of the booking plus the costs of gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits and flight tickets.

– Within 1 week of the departure date, the cancellation charge is 85%.

-Within 48 hours or less to arrival date, cancellation is charge is 100%

– Cancellation before the deposit has been made will not incur any charges.

Cancellation, medical and repatriation insurance is compulsory for all Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacations events, and it is the client’s responsibility to arrange such insurance through the client’s broker. It is strongly recommended that clients also take out insurance to cover emergency travel and accommodation, lost baggage and any other cover the clients deems fit. Other than compulsory insurance, the decision of which insurance cover he/she obtains is solely the responsibility of the client.


If one or more clients of a larger private group cancel a trip, they will be charged their part of the shared costs for that group trip, so that the rest of the group will not face any price increase. This amount is in addition to the general cancellation fees (as listed in section 7a).


The company shall try to accommodate any reasonable changes the client wishes to make to the event. Alterations and amendment requests should be made with the company and not with end suppliers. And such requests should be made in writing to the company by the client or group head in case of group tour. These changes shall not be deemed accepted until confirmed in writing by the company. If the client wishes to increase or decrease the number of persons participating in the event, this may be done up to six weeks prior to the date upon which your event is due to start without additional charge. All amendments made after that date will incur an administration charge of US$ 50.00 per person. The company cannot guarantee that the change to the price will be pro-rata, but will instead depend upon the arrangements the company is able to make with its suppliers. Subject to the company’s written agreement, the client may transfer a booking to a person who satisfies all the conditions applicable to the event.


When requested accommodation is fully booked or otherwise unavailable, the company reserves the right to change the accommodation to an accommodation of the same standard in the same area. This change must be communicated to the client.


Fare increases may occur due to any increase in airline tariffs, fuel costs, game reserve fees, or fluctuation of exchange rates. The company reserves the right to modify the fare and add a surcharge. Should any clients refuse to accept and pay such surcharge, the company reserves the right to cancel the tour and retain full payment.


The client acknowledges that it is solely his/her responsibility to ensure that he/she is in possession of the necessary travel documents that may be required in respect of the proposed tour and itinerary as well as all health and other certificates that may be required.


Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacations we shall always try to ensure that the company meets the expectations of our clients in every area of the tours we organize. However, suggestions and recommendations are very much appreciated in order to keep us improving the quality of our service.

– We beg that complaints must be reported immediately to the Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacation’s representative and to the supplier of the service in question be it our guides or lodges, who will do their best to resolve the matter at hand. If the problem is not solved to the client’s satisfaction, the complaint should be reported in writing and not later than 25 days after completion of the safari.

– Liability for any complaints not notified in accordance with the above described procedure cannot be accepted.


– Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacations will try to make every effort to ensure that all arrangements and services offered as part of the tour are carried out as specified in the most efficient way possible. However, the company does not have direct control of the provision of services by suppliers and, whilst every supplier is chosen with the utmost care, Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacations does not accept liability for errors or omissions of such suppliers.

– Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacations shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature whatsoever whether to person or property.

– Whilst every care is taken, Great Lakes Safaris cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect costs of loss or damage to baggage or personal possessions.

– Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacations cannot accept liability or pay compensation for unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the company or its staff, including flight delays/cancellations or force majeure such as war or threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist acts, border closure, acts of government or other authorities, strikes, thefts, epidemics, road closures, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, extreme weather conditions, fire, technical and/or mechanical problems to transport and all similar events beyond the company’s control.

– It is the responsibility of the client, travel agency/wholesaler to ensure that all members of the tour have the appropriate passports, visas, travel permits, health certificates and other documentation required for the tour.

– It is the responsibility of the clients to take proper medical and practical precautions in regard to health and safety, Medical advice should be sought well before traveling.

– Clients are strongly advised to obtain comprehensive travel insurance before traveling to Uganda.

– The respective laws of the country govern Embrace Gorilla Africa Vacation’s liability to passengers carried in its own vehicles. All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country in which the cause of action arises.


Clients who have special requests must specify such requests to the company in the booking reservation form. Whilst the company will always endeavor to accommodate such requests, it does not guarantee that it will always be possible.


For any questions please feel free to contact us