Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation Ltd is a project inspired and managed by experienced tourism professionals within the East African region who share a strong commitment to co-operative organisation and Ethical travel. Through Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation, we provide quality experiences for tourists coming for an East or Central African Safari while maintaining the dignity of the people of the chosen tour areas and the environment. We take you to Africa’s tour areas including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan Rwanda and soon will be DRC which is all done depending on your interest, Budget and time, together with you, we plan the ultimate dream African safari holiday that suites your interest.

Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation was established in response to the risk in which a new large wave of tours being conducted could bring if not managed ethically. Through our work, we therefore aim to facilitate genuine friendships between tourists and locals within the African safari destination areas based on mutual reliance rather than exploitation. Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation is very flexible and very accommodative to those buying African safari packages. Our price structure is very competitive and in order to ensure that both private and group African safaris may obtain the budget to suit them, we offer mid range and luxury African safaris, not only that but our repeat clients receive a 5% discount.

If Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation plans your African safari, you will be assured of a reply to your inquiry in a maximum of 7 hours and we offer a 10% discount to all safaris in low seasons (March, April, May, October and November, 5% discount on an African safari booked to more than two countries. and your African safari can start any day of the week or month. We use very experienced African guides who are also very knowledgeable about African wildlife, some are English speaking, German speaking and Italian speaking but can also arrange for alternatives should clients have particular requests, do not hang back to let us know what you order to fulfill your African Safari experience.

We are rated among the best tour operators in Eastern Africa and our client responses speak for themselves. Check out our reviews from TripAdvisor.com for the first hand responses about our safari experiences. We are also represented on, www.safaribookings.com check there for our wonderful reviews

Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation reflects the new face of East and Central African safaris in both the corporate structure – from ownership through to receptionist – and the tourism product mix. To offer the best African safari, it is not another family run venture but a company established by Professionals in the field of Tourism with enough African Safari experience with the aim of providing our visitors with a combination of memorable experiences given that the products offered are backed up by first hand knowledge of African destinations, accommodation and service providers. We aim at not being prescriptive, but descriptive, giving you the opportunity to create your own African Safari experience. Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation organizes African Safaris with the best value for your money. We will always work with you to maximize your given budget, cutting corners without losing quality, or providing ‘extras’ to make your tour a life time experience in African destinations.

For more information about Embrace Africa Gorilla Vacation, please send us an email through info@gorillavacations.com | gorillavacations@gmail.com